Romanian Equestrian Federation

"After the white spot left in our riding history, following the War, 1947 is the year of rebirth of this discipline, which has won numerous prestigious international successes. On 17 January 1947 the newspaper "Sport popular" published the article titled "The traditional line of horsemen-equestrian sports  reborn in a new spirit," signed by the late journalist Victor Banciulescu, one of which will support consistently the  horsemen efforts  to go back to the waterline.

It is trying to revive  the horse clubs and maybe creating others in the rural areas with the sole aim of making possible the equestrian practice for everyone. On so solid foundations the rebirth  of this sport can not be delayed.

February 13, 1947 is the day that the Equestrian Romanian Federation is reinstated .. .For July 2, 1957 appears  the"Decision of the  Central Committee of  Romanian Workers' Party and of the Ministers Council of the Romanian Popular Republic” that brings a new organization of physical culture movement and sports. Action taken with on this occasion, in accordance with 5 Article, the Central Committees  on sports go back to the structure of sports federations.

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Transylvania Horse ShowLogo

Transylvania Horse Show is a project born seven years ago in a time when very few equestrian competitions  were organized in Romania and for several editions,  it was the only international horse event in Romania.

Convincing a foreign participant to come in Romania in the vicinity of a village with 200 inhabitants, no paved roads, no signal on mobile networks and convince a spectator to come to watch a horse competition seemed just the beginning of a long series of challenges.

The energy and experience of the organizing team, the  long-term support of several sponsors, a large number of volunteers from multiple age groups and types of training, brought the support of a renowned event which far exceeded the country's borders.

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Erdelyi Lovas


It is the first portal specialized on horse riding in Magyar language from Transylvania, and the main puropose is to promote equestrian events and traditions. The portal was founded in April 2013 and since then, accordingly to the portal’s theme, it announces the equestrian events from Transylvania. The portal is managed by Lukács Lehel Elek, from Cristuru Secuiesc, Harghita county.

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Programul Caii RomanieiRomanian Horses Program

Since ancient times people have trained dressage horses using natural principles, observing their psychology and behavior when are free.

The Romanian Horses Program aims to change romanian public mindset about horses bred in Romania, and to provide another solution to the classical methods of horse training. We must realize that he can become not only a vehicle to carry us to our goals, whatever they may be, but a partner and a friend. The secret communication with the horse is in each of us, we just have to discover it!

Natural training is the technique to communicate with them using horse's way of thinking and acting. The behavior of a horse in freedom tells us very much about this aspect of his nature. There are some natural dressage principles that are important in this relationship man-animal: respect, responsibility, patience, relaxation and success.

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