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Equitana Horse Shop aims to provide its customers the best quality and prices.  Therefore we searched for the best suppliers on the market and we sell products of the following manufacturers:

  • Alfavet-Nutritional supplements of the highest quality     alfavet-logo-klein2

Alfavet has developed innovative feed supplements with the basic ingredients of plants and products addressing to several species of animals: dogs, cats, rodents, horses, reptiles, cattle, pigs, birds, songbirds.

  • Ariat - Style and performanceariat

Ariat is the biggest international equestrian brand and is also the official supplier of FEI and of the US Equestrian  Federation.

They sell almost exclusively horseshoes of Italian production made by other companies, but in 1997 they make a qualitative leap with the production of farrier items, entirely Blacksmith made.  

  • CarPET - The ideal product for unwanted pet hair

Carpet is very easy to use and makes hair removal of animals  to be a piece of cake.

  • Casco- Safe helmets and ISO- certificatedcasco

Casco produces a wide range of helmets for equestrian sport, cycling, winter sports, firefighting and rescue. CASCO is ISO-certified, which ensures a quality control at every step of production.

  • Cavalliera  – Riding clothes and equipment for special occasions and for competition

Cavalliera has a presence in over 40 countries, and offers its products through wholesale networks or retail stores that share the companys quality standards and brand essence, with inspiring collections for women, kids and horses.

Charles Owen is a british manufacture of helmets and bodyprotectors.

Derma Gel provides excellent support after trauma or surgery, where bandaging is not possible.

  • Ekkia- The horse's world

A world in forward motion… exclusively interested in improving well-being for horses and riders.
Their 40 years of experience and the presence in nearly 70 countries allow them to offer the most innovative products in the world’s market, as well as the best price/quality ratio.

  • Equimins – Herbal Nutritional Supplements  

Equimins supplements are made from herbs of the highest quality and are known worldwide.

  • Equina  Safe food for horses                     Equina

Choose Equina nutritional supplements to treat animal diseases and immune system. The used  ingredients are natural and of high quality.

  • Equistro – Nutritional supplements of the highest quality                                                                              

Equistro supplements are manufactured according to the latest technology and contain rare natural ingredients that have great effects. Most of the ingredients come from plants, fruits and roots.

 Equi-Theme produces a wide range of clothing for horse and rider and is also the official supplier of the French riders.       

  • Flair- Equine nasal stripsflairstrip

Flair produces equine nasal strips that can be used during the exercises and in competitions. Their motto is: "Work hard, breathe easy".

  • Fleck- Whips and riding crops of superior qualityfleck

 Fleck produces high quality whips and riding crops at attractive prices.

Gatehouse has been producing for over 30 years highly rezistant helmets that pass the highest safety standards Snell E2001 and are in great demand by famous horseman.

  • Glinkowski – Luxury Carriages and Carriages for leisure

Glinkowski manufacturer implements the latest technologies and the best materials for the manufacture of carriages. Equitana Horse Shop will help you choose and order any Glinkowski carriage and also special accessories for it.

  • GPA- Elegant and safe helmets

French company with a tradition of over 50 years in producing helmets gives a great importance of the entire process of manufacturing because they want safety and prestige for the rider.

  • Horze – Finn-Tack Quality and modern design                                                                                        

Horze products are known for the high quality and due to modern design are very popular among riders. The official distributor for Horze products in Romania is Equitana Horse Shop.

  • JVH Endurance and cross-country productsjvh

JVH is an equestrian products distributor, especially of endurance and cross-country products.

  • Kerbl  – Best quality/ Price ratio                                                                                                      

Products for stables, riding, care and electric fence at the best price. Try it now and convince yourself!

  • Ledo  – Quality and tradition                                                                                                                    

We friendly recommend Ledo products for both drivers of carts and horsemen because in addition to accessories for working with horses, you can also find gifts at Ledo.  Their range includes key chains, ties, blankets, whips, riding crops, leashes  and many more.

  • 3MGlobal products3m vetrap

3M is an americam company that produces and distributes a wide range of products, including veterinary care products. 

  • Mustad  – Horseshoe products of best quality                                                                               

Mustad company is a world leader in products for farriers. It produces horseshoes, nails, rasps, quality tools since 1832. The materials used in manufacture have an exceptional quality.

Optimum Time is a british company that produces  new ages watches for: sailing, equitation and team sports.optimum time

  • Pegus- Natural food for horses

From love for horses, Pegus created an ideal product incorporating essential menulogo_pegus_horse_feedvitamins and minerals necessary for balanced nutrition of horses . Carefully selected ingredients offers an optimal diet by ensuring intake of barley, bran, molasses, corn, wheat and sugar beet pulp.

Polypads produces attractive and very good quality products. Their saddlepads have 3 times more filling than usual ones

  • ProliteQuality and performanceprolite

Prolite is well known on the equine market for their prolite multi pads that can be adjusted both in front and in rear.

  • Protexin - Probiotics and prebiotics for horse health

Protexin products are specifically designed for different riding disciplines dealing with various problems and equine probiotprotexinic containing high quality. Protexin won the Queens Award in 2011 and the award for the best company in 2013, 2015 and 2016.

  • RacesafeBody protectors and apparel

Racesafe has been producing for over 40 years body protectors and apparel at the highest safety standards.racesafe logo

Robinson Healthcare produces veterinary and human care products and the veterinary bandages are ideal to be used in the hard reachable places to bandage.

Roeckl Sports takes great pride in its partnerships with the world elite in cycling, equestrian sports, biathlon and cross-country skiing. Roeckl is constantly developing new innovative products in close collaboration with top athletes and sports physicians.

Australian Fashion conveys traditional values, met an uncompromising, practical use and supports current trends.

  • Stassek – The best maintenance                                                                                                                    

Stassek company uses natural ingredients for animal products and for harness maintenance. You can find  Stassek products at different packaging from 250ml to 10 liters.

  • Stubben – Tradition, quality, functionality, modern technology                                                       

Stübben is a worldwide known company, with  over 100 years of experience in manufacturing equestrian equipment; it perfectly combines traditional features and functionality. Due to the quality materials and modern technology applied, Stübben products have a great and long durability.

Super Power Equality produces natural supplements of a very good quality and also have products for sports horses.

Tattini has an old tradition in Italy. Tattini produces and imports equestrian equipment at the best quality-price ratio.

The Tech Stirrups have been produced for all riders who are looking for exceptional performance thanks to a unique design accessory.

  • USG-Riding equipment for horse and riderlogo usg

USG manufactures products for both horse and rider .Their range includes: blankets, saddle blankets, bandages, whips and more.

  • Vetgold - Horse skin care products

Vetgold produces the best creams for treating various skin problems for horses: logoitching, irritation, dryness and it contains Dead Sea minerals .

  • Vettec - The best products for resolving horse shoe problems                                                                                      

Vettec products are recognized worldwide as the best products for hoof care.

Woof Wear is a british comapny that pantented the neoprene front boots. Woof wear produces the best quality horse boots at affordable prices.

Weaver Leather is an american company founded in 1973. Weaver Leather produces handmade leather equitation products known world wide due to the exceptional quality standard.

  • ZilcoSynthetic equitation equipmentlogo zilco

Zilco is a world leader that produces harnesses and saddlery out of synthetic material and investing constantly in technology and design.


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