Aver Congress, Cluj-Napoca

On behalf of the Romanian Equine Veterinary Association (AVER) we have the honor to invite you to our 9’th annual congress that will take place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania during the 22’nd and 24’th of March 2019. This year, our congress is focused on sport horses and it offers a pre-congress day with three workshops : orthopedics , including orthopedic shoeing ; ophthalmology and internal medicine, focus ultrasonography. Worldwide renowned speakers will present themes of actuality: Michael SCHRAMME (FR) – orthopedics and regenerative medicine, Agnes BENAMOU SMITH (FR) – sports medicine, Tobias WARNKEN (DE) – internal medicine, endocrinology, Zita MAKRA (HU) – ophthalmology, including ophthalmologic emergencies, Jessika CAVALLERI (AT) – internal medicine, ultrasonography, Michal CEREGRYZN (PL)- preventative medicine.

The absolute novelty of this year’s congress will be the separate, parallel session organized for horse breeders, with the aim to encourage and support sport horse breeding in Romania. The international speakers of this event will bring into discussion extremely important topics such as: phisiology and management of the endurance horse - Agnes BENAMOU SMITH (FR), breeding of the sport horse and management of the foal - Jean Louis Bourdy DUBOIS (FR), preventative medicine – Michal CEREGRYZN (PL), management of the foal until 3 years of age - Julien THELLIER (FR).

For further details please address the preliminary schedule attached.

Prices are attached in the table below.

Attention! Wokshops will be held with a maximum number of 15 persons/ workshop.

During Congress, an expo will be also available, focused on equine pathology.

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