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News: AyrPS Airowear

Airowear was founded in 1985 in Aydon, England, and at the beginning, the protective vests were made of a lightweight and thin polyethylene foam that the riders could wear under their clothes. Nowadays, vests contain a single nitrile pvc panel with memory foam and can be worn by riders from all equestrian disciplines, but especially […]

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Akhal-Tekes history

Akhal-Teke is a breed known for its resilience, intelligence and spectacular fur. Horses of this breed are considered complete equestrian athletes and are the ideal companion for horsemen who adore long walks in the saddle. The Akhal-Teke hails from what is now the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan, a land bordered by the Caspian Sea […]

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Alternative Therapies for Horses

Medicine and alternative therapy have been present in people’s lives for centuries with spectacular results on their health. Currently, much of the alternative therapies have been applied to horses as well as many horse owners use alternative therapy as an adjunct to traditional medicine and sometimes even as a single treatment of health problems. The […]

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Happy Easter Holidays: Easter Program

On the occasion of Easter Holidays, Equitana wishes to all our orthodox religion clients and collaborators a Happy Easter with their family and friends! Christ has Risen! Important: April 27-28-29, the store will be CLOSED April 30, 2019 – Normal operating schedule 1 May 2019 – the store will be CLOSED. Starting Thursday, May 2, […]

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Easter discounts

Easter Holidays are approaching fast, the riding season has begun and spring begins to get its rights. So it’s the best time to renew your riding wardrobe. Equitana helps you and during the period 22-26.04.2019 you will get a -15% discount on riding equipment for the rider. The discount applies to both the store and […]

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Happy Birthday for Florii Holiday

On the occasion of the Florii Holiday, Equitana wishes to all those who celebrate their name day a sincere and warm “Happy Birthday”! As a gift for those who celebrate their name day, on Saturday and Sunday, 20.04 and 21.04.2019, they will benefit from a 20% discount on riding clothing. The discount will be applied […]

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Easter Holidays at “La Mesteceni” Country Club, Rarau, Alba county

“La Mesteceni” Country Club has prepared a special offer for Easter celebrations this year. Those interested will benefit from 3, 4 or 5 of outstanding days and will be able to enjoy the highest quality services. So, we expect full half-board services (double room, breakfast and dinner), traditional reception with red eggs, cheesecake and romanian cakes. […]

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7Cai Equestrian Camp, Namaiesti, Arges county

Children aged between 7 and 18 wanting to approach horses in a rustic and professional manner, designed to inspire confidence and safety, are expected in the 7Cai Equestrian Camp in Namaiesti, Arges County. The approach is to learn basic equitation both from the perspective of the equestrian school and by capitalizing on leadership principles, personal […]