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A new serie of instructive films with introduction in the western dressage with Denis Stefan

After 5 years in which the Romanian Horses Program together with Equitana exposed the Romanian public to the techniques of natural behavioral dressage and we explained both in the workshops in the country and in the demonstrations in Bucharest about the practical applicability of these techniques we move to a new phase in the dressage […]

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Natural training workshop with Denis Stefan at Country club “La Mesteceni”

 The riding club “ La Mesteceni” Country club is pleased to invite you to a naturally training workshop organized together with actor Denis Stefan, an event that is part of the ROMANIA’S HORSES PROGRAM and aims to train future or young horse owners by presenting new techniques  of training horses. The method used is the […]

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26.07.2014 Natural horsemanship workshop in Sibiu County

Cornăţel Farm School invites you to: A demonstration of natural horsemanship and horseback archery sustained sustained by actor Denis Ştefan, under the Romanian Horses Program. Learn how to ride without a bridle and without bit after the American Indians model! Important: The workshop will be held within the Event Horse Care Meeting 2014! For details […]

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Workshops of the Romanian Horses Program (RHP), Summer-Autumn Season 2014

The enrollment for the workshops of the Romanian Horses Program Summer-Autumn Session 2014 has started. Enroll now! At the workshops the candidates will study the elements of horsemanship and natural dressage on 3 levels. The First Level is recommended for those who get acquainted with the American natural dressage methods for the first time. This […]

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Horses in training, Romanian Horses Program: How to Colt-Start a horse without the bit?

Horse Name: Maya                                                                 Age: 3.5 years                                                    Breed: Shagya Arab Maya was sent to us for training by her owner, who had the requirement […]