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7Cai Equestrian Camp, Namaiesti, Arges county

Children aged between 7 and 18 wanting to approach horses in a rustic and professional manner, designed to inspire confidence and safety, are expected in the 7Cai Equestrian Camp in Namaiesti, Arges County. The approach is to learn basic equitation both from the perspective of the equestrian school and by capitalizing on leadership principles, personal […]

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Sunday School BateȘaua

By learning to sit well on their own feet, on bicycles and on horseback, children and adolescents will gain remarkable personal and professional, social, ethical and moral skills. Program: Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 ACTIVITIES: inside and outside, in a harmonious combination of physical and intellectual effort. Riding: theoretical and practical initiation Cycling: theoretical and […]

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Camp “Bate Saua”,”Potcoava” Pension in Runcu, Dambovita county

The association “ Bate Saua Sa Priceapa Iapa” awaits children in the summer camps at Pension Potcoava! Horse riding, voulting, equestrian tourism, cyclotourism, montainbiking, creativity, equilibrium technique, survival and orientation in nature, team spirit, communication, interpretation, theater and reading. The camps are aimed at young people aged between 8 and 14 years and educational sports […]

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“Horse Spirit” Equestrian Centre, Fieni, Dâmboviţa County

“Activities out of passion” Seen from the outside, most people consider horseback riding as a passive activity. Apparently you should only stay on the horse’s back without doing anything special, but say “Giddyup” and “Hooo”. Totally false. Horsemanship is far more than that. It does not matter if it is for competitions or just for […]

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Horsemanship camps are organized in Slănic Prahova at Husar Riding Centre

The camps we organize are not only an opportunity to learn about the psychology of horses and horsemanship basics, but also an opportunity for personal development. Children and teenagers will increase the feeling of self-esteem, will develop empathy, mutual trust, respect for the world around us, will have more patience with their peers, they can […]