Driving with 2 horses national championship finals, Targu Mures

Between 30 august-2nd september 2018, at the Targu Mures Studfarm, will be organized the driving with 2 horses national championship finals.

Contest conditions:

The competition will take place outdoor.

Dressage field: 100x40m with grass.

Obstacles field: 120x70m with grass.

Heat field: 100x100m with grass.

Contest tasks:

Show task

Task A: Dressage

Task B: Marathon

Task C: Obstacles with cones

Terms of participation:
The following categories of horses are participating in the contest:
1. 2 horses driving (CAN-2)
2. Pony driving (CAN-P)
Start can be taken only by competitors who have:
1. All FER visas up to date
2. Medical visa from the sports polyclinic
3. Registration and participation fee paid until the Technical Meeting.

More details about the events avantprogram can be found here!

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