Heat horses in winter

Even if the horses support the cold much better than their owners, we must also pay special attention to them during winter and cold weather. While to wild horses grow a long coat of hair that protects them from cold, the horses that are kept in the stables are trimmed regularly and so we have to protect them from snow, ice, blizzard, cold and wind as various health problems may occur, such as: illness, injury, behavioral disorders or chronic illness.

So in winter, to protect your horse from cold, you should consider the following:

1. Horse rug

To protect against cold and illness, the best solution is to buy a warm horse rug. Depending on the objectives and weather conditions there are several types. There are specially designed horse rug that cool the warm body and keep the horse warm until the sweaty hair dries. There are also waterproof blankets that are put on when we take the horses out of the stable to protect them from rain and snow. It is recommended that horse owners pay attention to the thickness of the horse rug according to the weather so that it is not too thick or too thin.

2. Horse no snow comfort pads

Winter, snow and ice roads can be dangerous for horses. Hooves can easily slip on ice or snow-covered roads, and the horse can fall, which often raises serious and even very serious repercussions. Also, snow melting under hooves is inconvenient and has an increased risk of injury. In order to avoid the aforementioned problems, have been developed the horse no snow comfort pads, which protect against snow and prevent the horse from slipping on the ice.

3. Warm stable

And with regard to the stable, we need to be careful if it's current or not, because it's important not to be a too low temperature. There is no need to warm the stable, but at night we have to close the windows and the door to protect the horse against cold and wind.

In conclusion, regardless of weather conditions, the horses must be kept in shape and take care of them to avoid injuries and illnesses.

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