Karpatia Horse Show 2018 retrospection

On the Cantacuzino Domain in Floreşti, Prahova, last weekend was the most spectacular edition of the Karpatia Horse Show, an event that the audience used to look forward to every year. In this fifth edition, held between September 28 and 30 on the elegant 120 hectare area, a historic monument of national importance, romanian and foreign horsemen, no less than 150 horses, masters in art equestrian, international referees and horse-riding managers, who have contributed to the success of all this hippie event, unique in Southeast Europe met there.

Over the course of the three days, over 10.000 spectators enjoyed a vibrant atmosphere of high-level international competitions: firstly the full 3 * international competition and the 3 * 2 * International Athletics Contest other national and international contests for various disciplines and equestrian shows.

The Karpatia Horse Show, a year-long event, together with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and the Romanian Equestrian Federation (FER), benefited this year from participants and international arbitration from Great Britain, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Ireland, Latvia, Poland , Norway, Hungary, as well as the presence of commentator Spencer Sturmey, our special guest, who presented throughout his career international renowned international competitions such as Burghley, Blenheim or Hartpury.
To enhance the international resonance enjoyed by the Karpatia Horse Show, we announce for the 2019 the introduction of the Full International Horse Racing and 4 * Horse Competition and the competition as a qualifying stage for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. "We are very excited, as well as the rest of the team, at the end of the most successful edition of the Karpatia Horse Show so far. The equestrian space has regained its brilliance once again, and the champions have had glorious glory! The reviews were great, but let's not forget that behind this event there is the titanic work of a team, "said Mihnea Virgolici, director of the Karpatia Horse Show 2018.

The big winner of the 2018 edition was British Roberta (Roo) Fox finishing the edition with two gold and one bronze medals. In the 3 * Complete International Competition, she ranked 1st and 3rd with Eldorado van der Otterdijk and Fleet Street and won the 2 * Full International International Competition with Foguete Valada. At the 3 * competition, second place came to Peter Tuska from Hungary, and to the 2 * competition, Michael McGaffin, representing Ireland, the country being the first time in the Karpatia Horse Show.

The International Athletics Competition with 3 horses, which Romania has in the Top 10 World Championship, was won by Eduard Bartha, who ranked first and Babo Kalman was third. Romania also won a gold medal at the Full International Competition 1 * by Călin Nemeş, a silver medal at the Full National Intro Competition through Sandra Takacs and a bronze medal also through Sandra Takacs at Novici. At PreNovici, Cătălina Sfetea from C.S. Steaua ranked first, Adrian Budean from Cluj University second place and Rareş Bradatean third. Other medals took place in Bulgaria and Hungary.
The Complete Competition, the defining competition of the event, consisted of three trials, conducted over three days: training, cross-country and jumping over obstacles, calling for a wealth of skills both from the rider and from side of the horse (trained for all three samples): mastery, discipline, strength, speed.
The most intense moment of the Full Competition was the cross-country trial, which took place on the second day of the contest, at 3 *, over a distance of over 6 kilometers. To follow the cross-country trial, the audience could move from one obstacle to the other along the path of the horsemen. In this way, they admired the great ruin of the "Little Trianon," built by architect Dimitrie Beridey for Gh. Grigore Cantacuzino, who dominates the whole area through its romanticism, the baroque cross basin where the horsemen jumped with their horses, the course of the former cascade at the foot of the ruins, the water tower in the form of a medieval tower, the monumental gates of the domain, the alley with chestnuts or the secular platanus.

The Karpatia Horse Show 2018 has also been remarkable in a secondary arena where were held working equitation competitions, a relatively new discipline on equestrian sports, and an extended VIP space to host viewers, partners and private events. Besides the Complete Contest, the most anticipated and acclaimed show was that of master Miron Bococi. The special guest, surnamed the wizard of horses, delighted the audience with his horses Feeling, Bruce and Talisman, with whom he danced in swing, but especially with Capriccio, the black stallion with his rich roar that waved in the rhythm of  music  with the disenchanted hair "of a wild woman".

Another special moment was the demonstration contest with four and six horses, which parade down in tandem in front of the audience. The audience also admired an epoch parade from the Morgan Sports Car Romania Club and a parade of elegance, where the most beautiful ladies and gentlemen were awarded. At the same time the hat brand, DeCorina Hats, was launched, which launched the "Warriors" collection on this occasion. The classical scrolling on the podium was replaced by a riding parade, the models being competing in riding tests that wore hats in vibrant colors with atypical shapes. For the first time at the Karpatia Horse Show, there was also an area dedicated to clothing elegance, where romanian designers clothes and accessories were exposed. The space was complemented by a large artisanal area made of leather, ecological materials or fabrics. In the same frame, the audience enjoyed a terrace where they could watch live broadcasts of horse racing and horse racing shows and walk through the 120-hectare park together with their pets. During this time, the children participated in creative workshops, where they experienced painting, pottery, Romanian stitching, wooden toys, and enjoyed a leisure area where they could ride or experience exciting moments in the Aventura Park area.

Article source: Karpatia Horse Show.

Photo source: Ștefan Stoica

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