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Airowear was founded in 1985 in Aydon, England, and at the beginning, the protective vests were made of a lightweight and thin polyethylene foam that the riders could wear under their clothes. Nowadays, vests contain a single nitrile pvc panel with memory foam and can be worn by riders from all equestrian disciplines, but especially those who participate in eventing. Design and superior technology have led to the creation of protective vests that mold on the rider's body and which more effectively protect vital organs in the event of a fall.

The Airowear philosophy is to design protective vests that are comfortable, unmatched and offer the best level of safety. Due to body shape differences between men and women, it is essential that a protective vest is dimensioned to address masculine and feminine patterns. Many protective vests are still made in unisex sizes and Airowear is distinguished from other manufacturers by making them for men, women, teenagers and children.
All Airowear vests are manufactured and tested to meet the highest safety requirements for the different equestrian disciplines where they are used, CE marked according to EN13158 and tested annually at BETA 2018.

The helmet with the airbag system attached has been designed to protect most of the rider's vital organs, part of the bone system and soft tissue around the bust. Any rider who wants to improve sports performance considerably should minimize the risk of injuries. Airowear collaborates with suppliers around the world to create materials that are flexible enough to fit on the rider's body, yet still rigid enough to disperse the effects of the impact.

The AyrPS is made up of AirMesh Protective Vest and AirShell Airbag System. Together, it offers the most ventilated protection created by Airowear because they are covered with breathable mesh material to allow air circulation.

The AirMesh Protective Vest is certified with BETA2018 Level 3 and is fitted with perforated Ultraflex foam that fits on the rider's body, offering added comfort and safety. The vest is adjustable to the shoulders and sides thanks to the velcro closure system provided.

The AirShell airbag system has been tested Satra M38: Issue on February 3, 2015, is light and is made of breathable material.

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