Rădăuţi Stud Farm, Rădăuţi, Suceava County

The Rădăuţi Stud Farm was founded in 1792 by the Austrian state under the name Landesgestuetts–und Remontierungs Departament in der Bucowina zu Radautz and had the role to ensure a high material flow and supply. For this purpose the Austrian Ministry of Defense has leased 9,810 hectares for 12,257 guilders and 21 crowns in Rădăuţi. Later, to the rented land were added 4,800 ha alpine pasture on the Lucina Mountain, which was especially maintained for foals and young mares of all breeds without foals. In that time only those mares got covered, who had spent at least two years on grassland. The Rădăuţi Stud Farm had 16 departments in Romania, with the head office in Rădăuţi, where horses were hosted according to race, sex and age. At the founding of the stud farm around 1.400 Moldavian, Russian, Polish and Turkish horses were available. The importance of the stud farm, besides its significant stallion stock, lied in the fact that it was the main supplier of military horses for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1860 the growing stock of the stud hosted the following breeds and blood lines: Gidran, Furioso-Nortstar, Siglavy, Maestoso, Nonius, Samhan, Anaze, Messrour, Abugress, El Bedavi, Sachammar and Turchmen. The founders of the entire equine material were three stallions: Berberino (from the stud of Bethlen earl,) Hussein and Manachi.

In 1869, during the time of dualism in Austro-Hungary the stud farm was separated from the Hungarian crown and likewise all herds in Austria it was undertaken by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In 1918 the Romanian National Council was founded in Vienna with the purpose of supporting the Romanian state interests in the former Austrian provinces. Ion Larionescu, a former cavalry officer in the Austrian army from Rădăuţi sought support from the Romanian National Council to identify and collect the equine material evacuated from Rădăuţi to West Austria. The former horse stuck was brought back to Rădăuţi in 1919.

In 1924 the first breed register book was introduced to Rădăuţi. At that time was founded the Arabian Horse Syndicate, to which joined several private breeders, who participated at exhibitions, mare registrations, and enjoyed veterinary assistance.

In 1924 the Rădăuţi  Stud Farm hosted the following blood descendents: Gazal, Siglavy-Baddady I, Dahoman XIII and Shagya XV.  In the period of 1936-1941 were brought to Rădăuţi the first descendents of Ell - Sbaa and Beck. In 1941, the entire Arabian horse depot was transferred from Rădăuţi to Ruşeţu (Buzău county) in exchange for Gidran horses. The reason for the change was the creation of more natural conditions (steppe) for the Arabian horse.

The Gidran breed was kept at the Rădăuţi Stud Farm until 1997-1998, when the entire stock was moved to the Tuluceşti Stud Farm (Galaţi county) and the Shagya Arabian horse stock was brought back.

In 2002 the Rădăuţi Stud Farm was taken over by ROMSILVA.

Currently the stud farm has 255 horses out of which: 8 stallions, 78 mares, 48 breeding stallions, 91 foals, 6 horses for sport and leisure, 8 labor and service horses, and 33 available for sale.

Full board for mare                                                                       20.00lei/horse/day
Full board for breeding stallion                                                     25.00 lei/horse/day
Full board for sport horse                                                            30.00 lei/horse/day
Pension and training to support the young horse’s qualification 30.00 lei/horse/day
Training young horses for qualification                                       100.00 lei/horse/day
Pony rides, 30 min                                                                        10.00 lei/pers
Riding session, 30 min                                                                  20.00 lei/pers
Carriage ride with 2 horses, 30 min                                             15.00 lei/pers
Riding session for beginners, 60 min                                           40.00 lei/pers
Riding session for advanced riders, 60 min                                 50.00 lei/pers
Stud visit, min. group 10 pax                                                        5.00 lei/pers
Issuing certificate for stallions used for reproduction                 50.00 lei/pcs

Rădăuţi Stud Farm, Rădăuţi , Bogdan Voda Street no.114 , Suceava County
Simota Corneliu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Herghelia-Radauti/138265906257502

Source of photos: Herghelia Rădăuţi.

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