Social reintegration and emotional development using horses

The HorsEmotion Association is the first ONG in Timis county (and the only one in the country) that is empowered by the Ministry of Justice to carry out a program for social reintegration and emotional development with the help of horses.

This program was born through the E / I Motion project, an Erasmus project coordinated by the Timisoara Family and Young Therapy Association and the Animal Assisted Intervention Program was developed by the HorsEmotion Association and was implemented by the Romanian, Cyprus, Spain and Italy partners. The results obtained from the piloting of this program were surprising, so Timisoara Probation Service Chief has proposed and contributed to the preparation of the file for the program's authorization by the Ministry of Justice.

The program consists of 10 animal-assisted intervention sessions connected to each other, where the intervention is based on horse-therapy principles and natural training, the HorsEmotion Center being currently the only ONG in Romania with these two main branches of activity .

In this project we are glad to have beneficiaries on the part of the training, Timis probation staff and the teachers from the "Banatul" Sports High School and direct beneficiaries of the activities, young people from Timis Probation Service, high school students with Sportiv program "Banatul" and prisoners of the Timisoara Penitentiary.
People with criminal history often come from dysfunctional families, families where they have not had positive patterns to follow, where they have not learned a healthy way of expressing their emotions or managing them properly. Suppressing emotions or ignoring them often leads to frustration and anger that can degenerate into antisocial behavior. Through this program young people learn to recognize emotions in horses (animals that have relatively easy primary identities), to name them and then to identify various secondary emotions (emotions derived from primary emotions), to evoke different situations in which they have experienced and find ways to manage them properly.


Photo source: dr. Erika Weisz

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