The importance of electrolytes at horses

Nearly all horse owners associate the electrolytes supplement only with warm weather, but the loss of electrolytes does not depend on the weather, but on the amount of work and the amount of sweat. Horses lose electrolytes by sweating: whenever a horse trains, works, it will sweat, so it is advisable to provide the necessary electrolytes for its organism without seasonality - the electrolytic support is important every season.

Which is the most effective electrolytic supplement? Minerals. The most effective electrolyte supplements contain sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Check carefully the components of sugar containing electrolyte supplements - is written sucrose or dextrose on the label - usually do not contain enough minerals to compensate for losses, so it is not recommended to choose these products.

Electrolytes for horses have evolved a lot over the years. The latest products now contain sodium salts that are slowly absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract. Adding an electrolyte concentrate causes the electrolyte to rise in the blood, but in this case the horse's body quickly removes the electrolyte and if the sodium slowly enters the bloodstream, the body stores it and uses it more efficiently.

Electrolyte salts should be gradually introduced into the horse diet, as with any additional feed. First, divide the recommended daily dose into 2-3 servings, then gradually increase the amount. You can also take them as a paste if you think it's easier.

It is very important for a horse that receives electrolytes to have water at all times.

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