World Equestrian Games 2018, Tryon, SUA

On September 11, 2018, will begin the World Equestrian Games, the biggest equestrian competitional event in the world that takes place every 4 years. The event will take place between 11-23rd september 2018, and this year, the host will be Tryon in North Carolina, SUA.

At the World Equestrian Games you will see horses and riders from all the equestrian disciplines: jumping, dressage, eventing, driving, endurance, reining, vaulting and para-dressage.

At Tryon, competitors from over 70 countries will be present, and for all horses, even in the furthest places around the world, to get safe, it took a lot of teamwork and precision to the smallest detail. Thus, Emirates Sky Cargo, a world leader in the air transportation of premium horses, iks now celebrating its largest ever horse charter.  For this thing to get possible, a Boeing 777 has specially been designed with customised stalls and with independently air conditioned zones maintaining the perfect temperature for these four-legged athletes.

Good luck to all participants!

Photo source and article: FEI


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