Zonal stage- Horse riding and driving endurance competition, Mangalia Stud

Romanian Equestrian Federation, R.N.P. Romsilva D.C.E.A.C. and Romsilva Equine club organizes between1-20.10.2018, at Mangalia Stud, Zonal  stage- Horse riding and driving endurance competition, Jubilee edition - 90 years since its foundation..

The competitional trials are as follows: 80km, 60km, 40km, 30km, 20km driving.

Start fees: 20km-50 lei; 30km-75lei; 40km-100lei; 60km-120lei; 80km-150lei.

Horses accomodation: stables ( limited places)- 50lei/night, hay included.

You can register until 17.10.2018. Nominal registration are waited on the following e-mail addresses: constantin_ancuta@yahoo.com, herghelie@constanta.rosilva.ro.

Friday, 19.10.2018, starting with 15 o'clock takes place the veterinary inspection, from 17 o'clock will take place the technical meeting and on saturday, 20.10.2018, from 8 o'clck will start the competition.

More details about the events avantprogram you will find here!

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